Thursday, May 31, 2007


Emily invited me to join Facebook last year. I did, and then ignored it for 7 months. I think Emily has done the same.

I've rediscovered it over the last week or two though, and rock me Amadeus, I likes it! It is so much more visually appealing than dirty old Myspace, quite entertaining, and still seems to serve almost no purpose.

Go on, sign up, and then make me your friend and we can share ALL the important details of our thrilling lives.


Cathi said...

but but but

don't we do that already?

Alan said...

OK. That's cool. I've signed up. But now what? I'm still wondering what to do with all these sites. I belong to so many already...

(I've just sent you an invite to Orkut, Google's version of the same thing that is apparently Big In Brazil. And if you are really unlucky I'll send you one for

mysterious gal said...

i just poked ya!

i wonder if you will guess who i am (it's the real me on facebook)