Friday, May 04, 2007

In response to Linda (serious-ish post)

On my Vegemite poll (oops, revealing my true colours), Linda asked if I'd been following this thread on Public Address. I did read it, and it was interesting.

I don't say much about politics on this blog. I've been thinking about this a lot over the last few weeks. Things have been getting me down. People really, in this quite often crappy world, have been getting me down. There was the smacking thing, neatly followed by some child abuse stuff, and a mass killing topped things off nicely.

Fact is, I have opinions, and I'm not going to change them. I'm not interested in engaging in debate, because I don't find it fun at all. As a student I thought arguing and all that was spendidly challenging and a good larf, now it just all feels too real. I don't know how people can handle all the online debates that must drive them crazy. These things spin around in my head too much.

I am very pleased that people are putting their thoughts and ideas into the world, and I can quietly agree and decide who is cool and all that, but I'm not going to add to it. It just gets me down.

For a very long time I wanted to get into politics. Even a Politics degree didn't put me off. I can quite safely say that there is no way I'd put myself out there now. No way.

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MG said...

Martha - I just re-read this post. I wonder if the idea of 'checking out of debates' is simply due to reprioritisation. I mean sometimes we just can't expand our passion to things that don't immediately and directly concern us. Family, 51 boxes, etc reduce our energy and circle of influence for a while. I'm sure that sometime soon you'll feel reenergised and fired up enough about an issue to launch in. There's no way someone with a po degree can stay out of the war, but picking battles is just smart time use ...