Monday, May 14, 2007

Japan calling

Japan calling
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My sister sent me these bento bits so that I can be an uber-mummy, and send my son to school in July (ack!) with the finest lunch box of them all. Check out the little animal bottles in the back for sauce, and the 3 pack thingy is rice presses. I can almost guarantee he will be the only kid at school with sushi shaped like a dog in his lunch.

My sister also sent some ace t shirts for the puppy, and I bought some pink gumboots so I can look a little like that dog lady on the telly when I'm walking her. She still doesn't have a name confirmed, but we have until Sunday to think of the right one.

Would it be strange to shape the dog's food like a dog? I suppose we can all be a little crazy.


Pixie said...

get a handbag to carry the nameless pup around and we're disowning you. especially if the handbag matches your pink gumboots.

Joanna said...

If you need further bento inspiration, my friend Annette from makes herself bento lunches almost every day and puts photographs of them up on her flickr account.

rhiannon said...

ohh does this mean you have one of thoe fancy lunch box kits too? I want one, but i don't want to order one from australia.
I think you should get a dog handbag. That would be hilarious.
I bought some ug boots yesterday after years of laughing my ass off at girls in ug boots. Don't knock it til you try it I reckon.

Martha said...

Pixie, sadly my dog will be too big for anything but a large MacPac.

Jo, yeah, I've seen Annette's flickr pix - I love them. There are quite a few inspiring bento blogs too.

Rhiannon, I've just got some quite nice Tupperware lunchboxes. Nothing particularly flash. I succumbed to ug boots last year too - not in public though. I reserve the pink gummies for public outings.