Thursday, May 10, 2007


I am as happy as a jay bird, as full of lilting song as a lark, and as delighted as a duck in muck.

None of that makes sense.

My 50 boxes of shirts have made it, and they're FABULOUS. My first major production run is a success.

Man, I've almost died with the stress. This business lark can be hard yakka.

And the best news? The boxes are TINY. For some reason I was imagining them arriving and being as big as freezers, but they're going to fit very sweetly into the space we've made, and won't have to line our hallway. Bless.


Cathi said...

Enquiring minds want to know - what happened to the fifty-wunth box?

Martha said...

Ahh, it was from a different supplier, and arrived yesterday. It is piled with the rest...

Cathi said...

Oh ok - as long as it's no bigger than the remaining space :) Wouldn't want a preemptive chicken-counting egg-hatching situation