Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Random list of things because I have nothing especially cohesive to say (ever)

  • I have been planting a lot in our garden. In one area I've discovered a concrete pad about 15cm below the surface. Is there such a thing as a shallow rooting plant (which sounds a little like Paris Hilton)?
  • I made a leek flan for lunch. It was delicious.
  • I have become an addict of tv-links.
  • Florence is fabulous. We must be the only people in the world that had a crap time in Florence (the city), but we still like our dog.
  • My car stereo has started telling me what songs are playing. I can't believe the age in which we live.
  • Work has been quiet lately. I have been enjoying it, because I know that the beginning of the month will be nuts, and sure enough, a fax arrived today to ensure I won't have another quiet evening for a while.
  • Strawberrynet gave me 17% off my last order. Soon I will be smelling very dishy.
  • I gave up taking 7 vitamins a day, and suddenly got all my energy back.

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Hadyn said...

My car stereo has started telling me what songs are playing

Those are the DJs Martha :p