Sunday, May 29, 2005

Rugby post (for the boys - and girls that like that kind of thing)

Yay the Crusaders! Yes I'm from Canterbury, so moments such as this I can feel a little smug (well, once the Hurricanes were knocked out).

Did you notice the Waratahs hairdos though? They screamed loser. As soon as I saw the team mullets I knew we'd win.

Okay, so not a very in depth rugby analysis. I stopped pretending to give a toss about rugby some years ago.


noizy said...

sometimes you click on a haloscan comment popup, and it takes so long to load you go away, browse some more sites, close the original window, and then find a blank comment box, to which you had the full intention of saying something witty and erudite, but no actual idea of what it was, or, indeed, what site you were even on to start with.

Martha said...

I guess this means we can safely assume it was going to be something hilarious.

noizy said...

aha! after all that, no, it wasn't.

Turns out I was just going to agree regarding the haircuts. Terrible. As if Phil Waugh wasn't ugly enough without that terrible shaved-sides-long-down-the-back 'style' he insists on maintaining.

The Canterbury boys (particularly the backs: Dan, Rico, Justin, Caleb and the others are all beautifull coiffured), however, probably all pop down to the salon before each big game. And good on 'em.

Martha said...

They are a fairly palatable bunch of fellows - as far as rugby players go.