Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lamingtons are brilliant

Lamingtons are brilliant
Originally uploaded by Wanda Harland.

Look at this kiwi icon. Chocolate lamingtons on a yellow formica table.

I'm very pleased with my first attempt, although next time I'll make the icing runnier.

Maybe I should actually make something a little classier next time? Nah.


Em said...


Jessie said...

Nothing can be more classy than sponge, icing and coconut. :)

Rosiemunda said...

wow, they look fantastic. mmmm now i'm hungry for iconic food! I can't beleive you have 2 little boys, they are gorgeous ( i checked out your flickr stuff) I had no idea you had sprogs but I spose it is normal. THey are very cute, have your eyes. Is it your partner in the Hutt Valley Tshirt? I like the t shirt


Martha said...

You ladies have stellar taste.

Yes Rosie, I am not an old married woman. The Hutt Valley T shirt is great eh? The Dowse sells a whole range featuring beer crates, state houses, cabbage trees and my fave the Hutt Valley number. said...

Lamingtons are truely wonderful, and rate about as high as Raspberry slice in my books (though probably eaten less often for some reason).

My question though: Why do lamingtons only come in Raspberry and Chocolate flavour. I mean the raspberry one is just made raspberry by using raspberry jelly. So it could be any flavour that jelly comes in. Other than on St Patrick's day where I have seen green ones they just don't come in any other flavour. Odd

The problem with buying lamingtons is the quality. Sometimes you get horrible dry ones. New World Thorndon generally make delcious ones. I like there chocolate ones where the sponge itself is a chocolate sponge, then they have the cream with the jam dollop (is that a word?) on.

Martha said...

Ben, you need to go to the Savoy Tearooms in Waimate. There you will find the perfect lamington. Actually at Woolies (Lower Hutt has just got a very nice new one) they have some very flash looking lamingtons - though pricey.