Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I put my pride in my pocket

I've been trying to resist writing another post on the Dancing with the Stars. However I have to put it out there - Theresa and Peter have been wronged by the nation!

I hated the character of Carmen on Shorties, but I am now able to see that Theresa Healey is COOL. And her partner was about the coolest looking, grown up Eddie Munster (in a good way), I have even seen. And he wore a 'fro - which happens to be a very cool look for ballroom dancing.

I almost voted. I'm having regrets. Theresa's charity was Cystic Fibrosis too, which is a charity close to our hearts. Malo tested positive with CF from his Guthries test. Thankfully after 4 anxious days wait we found out he is only a carrier (like his mum and grandfather as it turns out).

Bugger. I should've voted. Although I think Tim Shadbolt is pretty cool too. Much cooler than Shane and Nerida.


llew said...

Yep, Healey was robbed. Although she looked relieved not to have to do it anymore.

Shadbolt is an oaf (although he was brilliant after climbing that mountain in China - exhausted, he said "The Bastard knocked me off".

And I find Nerida oddly hot. Those ears... in my trekkie days, I'd have killed for ears like that & I daresay in latter day elf & hobbit circles, they would too).

Hmm.. reminds me of a coarse joke.

Em said...

Damn! Haven't got round to watching my taped version yet! Serves me right. Sad news about Theresa - she was our fave... :(

Pink Flamingo said...

I love watching this show!
I can't stand that host called, Candy! She annoy's the hell out of me!
I can't believe Theresa was voted out before Tim!! Tim's only still there cause he probably has all of Invercargill voting for him!
I think my fav couple is Shane and Nerida followed closly by Norm and his partner.

Mike said...

Who and what are you talking about?
Is this a TV thang?

Martha said...

Mike, it is a very embarrassing and crap show with dancing celebs which screens on Sunday night. It is highly addictive and I suggest you steer well clear. ALthough it does have a rugby player on it doing very well. In fact if the Lions team saw it they'd flee in fear.

Martha said...

Oh an dPink Flamingo, I meant to say something about Candy. She is annoying, but by jingo she has a hell of a figure.

And Llew, I always think of Shadbolt saying "I don't care where, as long as I'm Mayor". I think he is a bit brilliant really.

Jessie said...

Tim Shadbolt is hilarious. I saw him at a Great Comedy Debate in Dunedin and he seems to be one of those people who barely needs to open his mouth to have the audience in stitches.

llew said...

Mike "celebs" is a relative term on this show, by the way.
And Nerida is HOT! I think it's those pointy ears....

Pink Flamingo said...

Tim pisses me off cause he can't stop grinning!!
I'm glad that Georgina is gone her facial expressions annoyed me.

Candy may be a great dancer and all but she isn't a good presenter.

Martha said...

How can I become one of those people who doesn't have to open my mouth to have people in stitches? Hard to pull it off without being Chloe.

Pink Flamingo - you're right about Candy. I've been really impressed with Alison Leonard (the judge). She is from Good Morning and is usually crappage.

And Llew. I don't know what to say. Of course you can find whoever you want attractive - but Nerida? That is like me saying Shane is hot...

Mike said...

Nerida - nice name.
OK, so this is the one with Bull Allen - no, the other. Norm ... Norm "crying man because I drasnk too much and punched out a Queenstown window"


Am steering away from it with all my strength