Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I am third on the search for "pictures of the yellow wiggle Murray Cook at his wedding".

As Rove would say - what the?

People keep getting my site when they do Wiggles searches. It is a little bit heartbreaking really, because when someone plugs in "Wiggles lyrics" they're probably not that interested in which Wiggle I would do.

The above searcher from Canada isn't a true fan though. Murray is the red Wiggle. Loser.


Jessie said...

My biggest current search term is 'blue orchid'. I suppose I can live with that; it's better than 'toygasm'... no comment.

ben.run said...

I thought Google was suppose to have clever tecnhiques for working our page rankings, but I do wonder at times.
I mentioned "Raspberry slice" in one of my postings and soon became number 6 on Google for it (number 1 in NZ pages). My post only mentioned how I liked to eat it!
I was getting so many hits coming to my site on that search string that I went to the effort of getting a raspberry slice recipe and putting it on there so they at least got something useful. I say that I "went to the effort", what I mean is I got my wife to come up with a recipe. I did have the task of evaluating the various attempts before we settled on a final product.


Martha said...

I shouldn't complain. All my first searches when I got our computer were related to trying to find clips of Pammy and Tommy Lee. The drop down box reminds me of it everytime I do a search on b - as in "big c@#4". Quite mortifying really. Still haven't managed to find anything on them.

I kind of can't write this stuff now as my whole family is reading the blog and will now think I'm a deviant.