Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Let me count the ways...

Well here is my bit for Wellingtonist

I arrived in Wellington in 1985 at the age of 12 from Christchurch. I had no say in the matter and remained miserable for at least 3 months. Since then I'm pleased as punch to live here and can't ever imagine leaving.

When we arrived we stayed at the Sharella Motor Inn on Glenmore St. Here was the first highlight of living in a new town - restaurant meals all day (well, until we got a house). I still remember the chicken breast with garlic butter. Luxury.

I went to Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School. The school was new, and little was known about it. Consequently of the 17 students in my class, about 12 had severe behavioural problems. It was very different from my nice Christchurch Steiner school.

The following year I went to Onslow College - bless. Cool school, lots of great people. We were regarded as a bit of a rebel school back then, which is quite good when you're a teenager. You can be considered a rebel without actually having to rebel.

Following secondary school I spent more than a few years getting a BA in politics and Art History. This is where I found out that there really aren't many people who originally come from Wellington. I spent plenty of time at Bodega and at Trekkers consuming $2 pints. I saw loads of great bands and met many bosom buddies (gotta love the word bosom).

Since then I've worked as a florist, a caterer, a wine ho, a business owner, a receptionist, a historical researcher, a marketing researcher and a mother (amongst other things).

I love Wellington because it has everything. It has snazzy bars and dingy bars and good museums and art galleries and festivals and great food and great coffee.

There isn't much I don't like. I'm with Alan in wishing Wellington was located a bit further south, but what can you do?

The big downside of Wellington is that lots of people have left for bigger pastures. While I enjoy the comfortable nature of the place I don't think it has quite the glamour that a lot of people aspire to - nor the publishing industry. All my good journo friends have ended up in Auckland or overseas.

I don't rate the weather much either. Perhaps we should look at relocating to Samoa or somewhere nice and toasty. Like they say though, you can't beat Wellington on a good day. And now we have our new gas fire - well, our place is dead nice. Which is another good thing about Wellington - we have gas on tap. Many places aren't so fortunate and have to heft around gas bottles if they want to cook well. Poor bastards.

I really like the fact that when I resume a night-life that doesn't involve people under 3 I'll know where to go, and I'll see people I know. I like that Wellington is on the news everyday and that National Radio is here (now that I'm middle aged!).

Anyhow, here are a few of my favourite things:
The sandpit at Te Papa
Clarks Cafe
Miyabi Sushi
The waterfront
The crane boat Hikitia
Wanting to drive onto the ferry when you drive into Wellington in the morning
Cuba St in the weekend
Moore Wilson's Fresh
The zoo
Petone... of course.

And I like this newfound blogging community that feel like good mates.



Alan said...

I don't think I could type as much with a baby in one arm. How do you do it?

Martha said...

Oh, you know, we're very good at multi-tasking...

And we turn a blind eye to spelling mistakes. Pays not to be a perfectionist (which a stupid one of those dumbass test things they send you on when they want to employ you alleged I was. Dickheads.)

Mike said...

Now stop it, you'll embarras me (I've not started one yet)

Martha said...

Well I'm looking forward to it Mike.

Pink Flamingo said...

I must say i'm sick of Welly at the moment, nothing interesting ever happens here.
Even good old Petone is starting to bore me.
I can see myself in a few years time moving overseas...
I hate Windy Welly's weather...Our summer feels more like Winter....

I do like Cuba Street....and you know how in Lower Hutt they're expanding Queengate/Westfield Shopping Centre...well everyone I know is looking forward to seeing it when it's all complete..but me on the other hand well I'm not really bothered by it. I love going to Porirua though, North City Shopping Centre...I guess you love the paces more when you don't always end up going to them.

Jo Hubris said...

Onslow represent!

Do you know my sister Angie? She would have been in 3rd form in 1986. I think.

Martha said...

As it happens I do know your sister Angie, she was in my french class (I think?) and caught the train with me. I think I saw her recently somewhere? But I was too shy to re-introduce myself. She was in my extended friends group - if ya know what I mean. Lovely girl.

You know, I even remember what class she was in 3SH I think. I have a crazy memory. Mostly useless, but occasionally it freaks me out.

Martha said...

See Mike? 2 degrees of separation with anyone in Wellington.

llew said...

excellent! Yes, I forgot Moore Wilsons.

Martha said...

I'm a bit of an interloper really though - I actually live in the Hutt. Nevermind, my heart is in Welllington and when prices out here go into a frenzy we'll sell our house and move back. Fingers crossed.

Mike said...

By jingo (2 degrees of separation) it's pretty quick in this fishing viallage of ours eh!

Favourite lines of the night:
"I must say i'm sick of Welly at the moment, nothing interesting ever happens here.
Even good old Petone is starting to bore me."

EVEN ... ;-)

Martha said...

Cheeky Mike! Come out to Petone one day - we have, like, a supermarket and ummm...