Tuesday, May 10, 2005


So how come Prince Harry gets to be Wales? I've checked, and his surname is Windsor (yes, I knew, but then how embarrassing if I wrote it was and it wasn't).

Maybe he gets to choose a nickname? Surely you'd pick "Rock" or "Pistol" or "Terrier" or something though.

Yes, he is Prince of Wales (I checked this too, just in case). But I'm sure if I tried to get into Sandringham they'd run a mile (or make me) if I asked to be known as Petone.


David Farrar said...

He is officially stytled Prince Henry of Wales rather than the Prince of Wales, and both his brother and him have tended to use Wales as their surname, presumablky as it is less pretentious.

His full name is in fact Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor!

Martha said...

and wasn't Windsor just made up to make them sound less German?

Mike said...

They should all f@#$ off and leave Wales alone. Bloody English.
So says Mr Miramar.

Martha said...

You can say fuck on my blog walesmike. I understand your angle, just like how Wellington tries to rein in the Hutt.

Oh no, hang on, maybe not.