Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I just need a whinge, and who better to complain to that a group of strangers who read my life?

WE'RE ALL BLOODY SICK. Hence my lack of regular updates. I've been speaking down the big white phone or whatever it is you do.

It is my fault. A week ago I was smugly saying "I just don't get vomity sick". I should have known better.

It has been utter crap. Glen is also sick and the boys are not in top form, so nobody is able to look after anyone and we're all feeling housebound and fed up.

Here endeth my whinge.



Jessie said...

Aw you poor thing!

Em said...

Nothing worse than the vomity-sickness in a house full of kiddies, I feel for you deeply! It's been 18 months since our last go at that and it is still seared into my brain...

Martha said...

Yes, I'm hoping we'll never have to experience it again, and I've made Glen agree to euthenise me if I ever have to feel like it on a permanent basis.

I would be so un-gracious in the face of mortal illness that I think I'd be quite readily put to an end.