Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Jonathan Adler fixation continues, with bullets!

Why am I so obsessed?

  • He allows me to like blingy things
  • He allows me to have books out
  • He is hilarious
  • You can put curtains behind beds - I'm so going to try this
  • I have a teeny fixation with gold things, after years of going "yuck, gold". Jonathan Adler likes gold.
  • He has allowed me to slightly get over my fixation with yellow
  • He seems to be having fun when plenty of the world is being very, very serious
I'm way too lazy right now to bung in pictures, but I recommend clicking on my handy dandy google image link if you'd like to see some pics.


Anonymous said...

I don't recommend curtains behind beds at all. We have to do it in the house we are currently renting and it's a pain in the bum cause the curtain hangs all funny and gets tangled up. And also we have to have the bedside table slightly away from the wall too which means that it's all at the wrong angle and I can't see my clock without picking it up. And the knob to turn off the bedside lamp is slightly too far away so I have to stretch. And I also keep lying awake and thinking about someone tapping on the window above my head during the night......

Martha Craig said...

Ours is a slightly different situation, we have a window at the side, but the bulk of the wall is just wall, so the curtain would stay closed (more like a feature wall), need to nut out what to do with the other window though, so I suspect it won't happen!