Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Twenty things

1. I want to get into the habit of writing again, so I've taken Twitter and Facebook off my phone. Baby steps.
2. Twenty things seemed like a manageable number, and really they'll probably all be tweets anyway.
3. I'm listening to Joan Armatrading. iTunes makes is really easy to follow every nostalgia whim, and I'm fond of this music from when I was a girl and my mother would play the album. Related: I miss vinyl at the moment.
4. I have been reading a bit more lately. It is good. Thanks to Goodreads I know the last thing I read was Annabel by Kathleen Winter. I liked it, it was about a transgender person, and I know very little about transgender people. I still know very little, but I can nod a little more knowledgeably.
5. I'm working through painting the doors in our house orange, yellow, coral and teal. The colours are great but the paint is a bit shit, it is Dulux and I don't know why I didn't get Resene.
6. Today I ordered next summer's clothing from Kowtow and next summer's handbags from Saben. Days like this make me realise my life is bananas and surreal.
7. Speaking of bananas I just made banana muffins for my nephew's lunch. He is staying the night.
8. Twenty is a lot of things to think of.
9. Ooh! I can show you my excellent recent purchases. Here are my new shoes:

They're lovely, they were impossible to get into at first, but once they're on I can wear them comfortably for the entire day, a key function of shoes.
10. Here is my Le Creuset pan
strictly speaking I didn't buy it, I acquired it with credit card points. It makes me a better cook and you can cook all things with it. All things.
11. Not a purchase, but a bread recipe that will blow your mind.
12. While I'm being shallow, I got this stuff, it's really pretty amazing  
and quite cheap compared with things that aren't cheap, like almost all cosmetic brands.
13. I'm going to Wellington Fashion Week next week to write about it for the Wellingtonista. I'm blaming this for my current shallowness. I also need to learn some stuff, like what a "media pack in" means. I'm hoping it doesn't mean cattle prods.
14. I'm helping my friend Heather and her band Claude Rains with their music video next weekend. I'm quite excited. I'm just making cups of tea, but it feels like it might be the beginning of my new era, making cups of tea for bands.
15. 15 eh? 
16. Having one shop is really super awesome. So much less stressful and so much less hard work it is barely believable. I don't know how people have big empires. I suppose they don't actually like working in shops and gossiping with people all day long.
17. Speaking of which, my next challenge is to write a shop newsletter, it has been MONTHS. Sign up if you like. Or hahahhahahahahhahahahaha if you happen to think QR codes are kool, here you go
18. I'm now going to put some bread rolls in the oven, well, after I make two more exciting points. Since we got our breadmaker we never buy bread. It makes us extra smug.
19. Perhaps you should download Joan Armatrading. It won't make you rich, but it might make you happy.
20. I need to write a self-help book, and say things like "it won't make you rich, but it might make you happy".


Jane Harris said...

Great list (esp #15) and everyone should have boots that match their Le Creuset, or vice versa.

Anonymous said...

i hadn't looked at your blog for months Marth - the wait was worth it. # had me rolling around in the aisles...

PS gonna get me some airbrushing stuff too...finally I will look all slim and gaunt.


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