Monday, June 08, 2009

Voting time!

The lovely Megan has challenged readers to come up with an outfit:

If a dashing young(ish) man approached you on the street, and wanted to whisk you off for a romantic and unexpected date, featuring dinner and dancing and assorted fun times. What would you wear?
I had some fun in the middle of the night, feeding the mostbeautifulbabyintheworld, playing on Polyvore (first timer), and came up with this:Yellow
Yellow by Wandaharland

Go on,
vote for me! Or don't if you prefer someone else's choice, but go on! Or if you don't feel inclined to vote, perhaps buy me the outfit?

Also, suggestions for who the young(ish) bloke might be are welcome. There was one in mind who certainly isn't in the twilight of his years. Ohmigod, biggest clue ever.


Anonymous said...

(but he SMELLS BAD).

I voted for you. You're totally winning! I did like the 'date night' outfit too but probably not so appropriate for the scenario.

Martha Craig said...

Edward doesn't smell bad, he smells delicious. I'll go for the character over the actor.

MY said...

What are these two black things on the left? Otherwise - perfect!

Martha Craig said...

Those two black things are a small jacket, in case it gets a bit chilly.

Megan Rose said...

Oh! The cuteness of it all! And so sassy all at the same time. Good work Miss Martha.

Marie said...

I too thought the jacket was two black things, and I spent about a minute puzzling over them before they assumed a recognizable shape. Hats? Cuffs? Weird black things? No, a bolero!

Vicus Scurra said...

No. I wouldn't wear any of those.

Louise said...

Ooooo, lovely. The dress is very cute.
I have yet to see Twilight, despite having a copy of the DVD at home tempting me to watch it.