Thursday, December 31, 2009

Birthday, Christmas, New Year

Busy times, busy times.

My birthday passed, as they do, in a blaze or flaming glory. I realised recently how much I enjoy hearing what people were given, so this post will be a list of a month of indulgence. For my birthday from my parents I got this, which I have to share with Glen, but that is ok since we share everything else anyway. From Glen I received a blinging gold Casio digital watch, which I'm rocking like it is 1987.

Christmas presented much joy, aussi. The kids got a trampoline as well as approximately $10000000 worth of Lego. The tramp is a joy for us all, Santa is one smart dude. The kids seem better able to hang out outside without constantly whining about playing on the computer or Lego Batman, and I occasionally sneak a bounce. It feels like the source of youth.

I got some tickets to the Pompeii exhibition, and a book about Pompeii. We went to see it the other day, however, my tip to you, don't go near Te Papa on a wettish day near a public holiday, because everyone in the world is there, so we'll go back when it is nice and quiet. Town was full of unicyclers. They are not the coolest dudes I've ever seen, but they look jolly happy.

I got other presents too, notably a bottle of Jagermeister (woo!) and the blingingist set of eyelash curlers you have ever seen, as well as some nomilicious chocolate sauce. The kids received some excellent movies, so I've done my bit of catching up on films (I don't think you qualify as having seen anything is about the only film you've watched is New Moon). Coraline is amazing, and most certainly not for children, Up was gorgeous.

Oh dear, I've written loads, and I wanted to not go on too much.

And the new year is almost upon us. I have some simple resolutions:

Write more (blog, memoirs (joking), newsletters, invoices)
Take my family on holiday
Read twitter less
Develop a new product to add to our range. I'm waiting for inspiration.
Focus a bit on making the businesses we already have better, more work on the website, more shop loving and more product procurement.
Possibly get a bigger house. This may mean making the one we have bigger, it may mean moving, but I don't wanna move because frankly we have great neighbours.
Bounce on the trampoline with my children often.
Take more photos.

Your resolutions?


styler said...

if you ever decided to move, please let me buy your house, please!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read this blog. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

duff said...

so, about that "blog more" resolution..... ;)

i didn't make any formal resolutions, but i'm trying to blog weekly (or maybe i'm trying weakly to blog weekly), declutter my apartment (seriously- i moved here 9 1/2 years ago with what i could stuff in my car. how on earth did i wind up with an apartment full of crap?), and work on my "40 things to do before i turn 40" list.....which is only 2/3 written, and about half of wheat i've scribbled down involves travel...mostly to potentially expensive foreign locales.

thus far, "obtain sugar daddy or win lottery" hasn't made the list, but that doesn't mean i'm not considering it.

oh- and i fully agree on "up". it was a lot better that some of the crap coming out of the movie studios here.....