Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Time for some bullet points, I reckon:

  • It is my birthday soon, I'm cool with that. I'll be quite old but I have done quite a lot, so I deserve it.
  • Lucinda Audrey Mae is almost 1. I KNOW. What happened to this year? She is absolutely adorable. She had an awful gastro thing, and it didn't stop her being adorable at all, which is a true sign of being ultra-adorable. I can't really be arsed with making this bullet point have fewer adorables.
  • If you haven't watched it, I urge you to watch The Wire, mos def. We watched 4 seasons in very quick succession, which was a challenge, because strictly speaking we don't actually have any time, it was well worth it.
  • The shops are a joy, I just love them. This time of year is what it is all about, lots of lovely customers, lots of extremely gorgeous new goodies and a nice little timeframe which culminates in da da! A holiday!
  • We never stop working. The kids go to bed and I'm doing accounts and printing shirts, and Glen is packing up Dishy orders, the lure of a break after Christmas is wicked powerful.
  • I am slightly biased (read: very), but I must say, our gallery and our inaugural exhibition is fricking great. Come and see it.


sas said...

i have just realised what mos def means.
am feeling so 'down with the kids'.

Anonymous said...

I'm about halfway through season 5 of the Wire and I am eeeking it out cause I don't want it to end. Although in the meantime have discovered Dexter! Which is quite different although has a high swear words quota if you need to be weaned.