Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finally - an announcement!

The crazy thing what I was doing has happened.

I have bought Dishy Designs, a super cool range of teatowel products. I am most pleased, and now also a fair dinkum crazy lady, 'cos I didn't have time before. Oh well. Fun!


Robyn said...

Oh, do you mean as in you've bought the company? Woo! One of my workmates has one of the bags.

miss_seph said...

Oh hey congratulations!

Sarah said...

You're a tycoon! And you have a shop! I didn't know because I live in Naenae, and Naenae isn't in Petone, and your shop is in Petone. Ohmygod you have a shop! That's the coolest thing ever. And it has a porn star name!