Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Limoncello is ace -

and so is Waitangi Day.

Even though I've been bloody crook, the sunshine has been so nice, I'm feeling happy. Limoncello helps.

We mooched around today. I should probably have opened the shop, but I actually believe that public holidays should be taken as holidays. So we cruised up the Kapiti coast, dipping our toes in the sea at Pukerua Bay and Raumati, and enjoying a delicious icecream at Lindale.

This evening I've been good and productive, and finished up several orders and started preparing for gift fair in March.

I thought I might try and get addicted to Dirty Sexy Money, since it is on TV2, which is the only channel I can get on my telly where I work, but it isn't showing too much promise.

And that, mates, is all.


Louise said...

Thanks for the tip about damson gin on my blog - I've been wanting to make it but wasn't sure how. Sounds yum!

Leo said...

I thought the same thing and it worked - I am now addicted to Dirty Sexy Money. It's brilliant.