Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's business time

I'm at the shop, doing business, and drinking lots of Foxton Fizz to counteract all the fecking wine I consumed last night. I know hearing about someone's hangover is only slightly more interesting than hearing about their dreams, but I will just say this. I found myself in the McDonald's drive-thru at 11am this morning. Shock. This is why Bret and Jemaine may have appeared a little sad this morning that I couldn't make it.


Robyn said...

Shocking! Though once I woke up with a Happy Meal next to my hotel bed - a Happy Meal I had no recollection of purchasing.

I felt so dirty.

Mike Riversdale said...

Aaaah, sweet M, those dreams must keep you awake at night and with a smile on your face ... the boys and you!

Oh, and I was also shocked by something in my bed once. Imagine, I;d been to a party, had a shandy (maybe 2) and then Ie woke up with ... anyway, best leave her name off the web.