Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Random Things (I've lost the will to resist being tagged with this)

  1. I clocked Donkey Kong. That was enough to fulfill my gaming needs forever.
  2. Our dog has ruined one of my favourite hobbies, which was picking weeds out of the lawn, bloody dog poos. It was more fun than picking split ends, if you can believe that.
  3. In 2008 I didn't read any books. In 2009 I've read about 12. Working cramps my leisure style.
  4. I don't really know how to do anything properly, but I'm fairly good at bluffing.
  5. I like hanging up washing, but hate bringing it in.
  6. When I went to university I planned to become a journalist, so I studied art history and politics, but it became apparent I can't write. Ironically I'm writing now.
  7. My English teacher at school did a crap job of teaching me when to use "ironically", also grammar and like, writing (see 6).
  8. I drink and I don't stop. I was once always the last to leave, now I barely go.
  9. I've got one paper to go in a PGDipBusAdmin end. Comm. I chose it because I needed more letters after my name, and it seemed like the quickest route.
  10. I hate swimming in the sea, I'm terrified of sea creatures and and human body parts in the water. I'm not going to let the kids know this.
  11. I like to have the correct glassware for what we're drinking, and I'm a sucker for crystal.
  12. Pukas are my favourite tree, they're so lush and tropical looking.
  13. I was in a theatresports team at school. We never did theatresports, just lolled around discussing our team name, which I can't remember.
  14. My children, Glen and I all have different blood types. Mine was the rarest until Lucie was born, she stole my thunder and is much rarer than me. I don't mind, she is cute and has a gummy smile.
  15. I make really gorgeous children, but I try not to boast.
  16. I'd write a novel, but I spend hours trying to come up with the first line, and it sends me into a black hole of despair.
  17. Janola is the solution to all household cleaning problems.
  18. In the 80s I tried to have flicky, side-sweeps in my hair, but my hair is very gravity led, and no amount of mousse or gel could fix it.
  19. I've been waiting a long time to be grown-up enough to wear high heels, but they still hurt my feet, and I guess it just isn't a grown-up issue.
  20. My belief in aetheism is strong. I have no doubts.
  21. I believe children should grow up in a house with a piano, like I did. We don't have a piano.
  22. I've learned piano, violin and clarinet, all for quite a few years. I'm really crap at them.
  23. I've learned German and French for quite a few years, I'm really crap at them.
  24. I can never remember quotes or lyrics correctly, this ruins my anecdotes all the time, which would otherwise be legendary good.
  25. I've just bought a filing cabinet, so I'd better leave this self indulgent codswallop and go and arrange to get it.


Sarah said...

This has to be one of the best '25 random things' I've read in a long time! Did it take you forever to write them? It sounds incredibly lucid, forthcoming prose to me and I totally disagree with point 6 - you can write (or should I say type!).

I agree with point 10 - so made me laugh! I watch the surfers at Lyall Bay all the time and think, 'That must be such a buzz'... but then I start thinking about getting tangled in seaweed, standing on crabs and seeing a floating turd!

Happy filing days!


Martha Craig said...

Oh Sarah! You're too kind. This took approximately 15 minutes, which is why it is pretty lame.

I'm pleased you worry about the sea too, because you strike me as an adventurous soul, and I guess now I can be adventurous like you, while not surfing.

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natasha said...

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jamara said...

Ah fabulous naming of children!!!!!!
Lucie is how I would spell it but we cannot use that name as we have a Louie and the spelling and sound is too similar.
And our Boys name we love is Finn...but with the last name Ferguson?
Ah I think not.
Anyhow love your list DH and I can sympathize with your problems with the sea.
Sorry you don't know me I am a friend of Nikki and I love your shop.