Thursday, February 12, 2009

Review of shizz

In a single-handed attempt to revitalise the economy, over the summer I've accumulated quite a lot of stuff. I also blame some pregnancy brain hormonal thing, because my consumerist tendencies hit a new peak.

What is better than acquiring new stuff? Why, a series of reviews in bullet point format, of course.

  • Cuisinart Soft Serve Icecream Maker. I hinted strongly, and my obliging parents obliged and gave me this for my birthday. I really love it. We've used it heaps, it is very simple, impresses the pants of people (literally! (I'm bringing back the inappropriate use of "literally")), works quickly, can be used for amazing icecream as well as frozen yoghurt and soft serve, has dispenser thingies to appeal to the kiddies. I can't fault it, and give it an A++
  • Playstation 2. We needed a new DVD player, and I got an obsession with trying out Singstar, so we treated ourselves to a Playstation 2 (which was fantastically cheap with all the Boxing day sales and so on). I think at this stage I was about 9 days past my due date, and I couldn't sustain a note on Singstar to save myself. We've ended up with quite a few Singstar games, and even after hearing it 786 times, the boys singing Daydream Believer still brings tears to my eyes. A++
  • Paella pan. Fabulous friends invited me for a delicious paella lunch, which planted the seed. A voucher from my dear sister provided the means, and we've enjoyed many paellas over the last few weeks. They're so easy and so delicious, I recommend to all. A++
  • Sodastream. More voucher fun meant we could get a Sodastream. I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted one (I know, loser), and my friend pointed out how kind it is to the environment, and voila! We have lots of fizzy water. Take that Evian. A++
  • Ladies, a Plate. Reading Ms Make Tea Not War's review of aforementioned book made me hanker after it, and I was delighted to use the remainder of the voucher from Ms Hana for the book. I can report that the banana cake is extremely good, we haven't gone past that yet. A++
I might remember some more appliances or something at some stage. I daresay they'll get A++ too, for that is how I roll.

Did you get anything I can obsess over until I convince myself that I need it, and will single handedly save the economy of the country with my rampant spending?


Nikki said...

Oh god. Just died laughing at the revival of "literally".

Well done. Mr Key would be most impressed. I've a good mind to send him your post and wouldn't be at all surprised if you ended up with the Order of New Zealand or some shiz.

Tom said...

We finally got one of these. It is very cool.

I am also angling to get one of these, but I haven't figured out how to sell it in properly yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm VERY interested in the ice cream maker and the soda stream!! Might have to look into those!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

We got a sodastream last year too and it's the best thing ever. Retro and futuro at the same time!