Thursday, August 20, 2009

I love blogs and bloggers and real friends and new friends and online friends. I am thrilled to follow so many charming and interesting people. Just like in real life, people online face some serious challenges. Earlier this year I read with great sadness as Gorillabuns lost her beautiful boy, Thalon.

One of my first blog reads and real life encounters with a blogger was the Editter, and now she is facing her own challenge with cancer. She is a brilliant writer and a terrific person, and I want to send her all the love and support I can, via wifi and the voodoo of the internet.

Glen had a car crash last night, from which he walked away unscathed. The car is written off. Of course I got right onto Twitter, and people were so kind. Honestly, I didn't feel in the slightest bit hard done by. Just very lucky that my lovely husband is fine, and nobody was in the car with him. I know I sound a bit moony and trippy, compared to my usual hardarse self, but really, we do need to be grateful for all the good shizz. Especially gin.


llew said...

Lovely! Glad Glen is OK.

Nikki said...

Holy shit! Glad Glen is alright!


Anonymous said...

Bloody Volvos. Who'd have 'em. Thinking of you and Glen, happy that he is OK. Love Megx

The Editter said...

Really? Was I one of your first reads? I suppose so, I think you started your blog just before I started mine!

There are photos of my newly (as of today) shaved head and my 5 wig options on my blog!