Monday, August 24, 2009

New shop new shop!

On Friday we signed a lease for a shop in Mt Victoria. It is a very beautiful space, and has loads of storage space and an office out the back. I also have visions of a bit of a gallery, but baby steps Martha, baby steps.

The whole process was as crazy as these things invariably are. Turns out I don't muck around much these days, just cut to the chase. I'm being tactful, because there was some crazy shizz going down with the negotiations, but I'll tell you that in person ;-)

We take over on the 1st of September, which happens to be the week we're at the Trade Fair in Auckland. Hopefully we'll be open by the 18th. I'm in the midst of ordering shelving, trying to suss out a counter, getting a phone, power, eftpos...

I love it!

You see junk, I see an exquisite art gallery (delusion is a necessity)

It has mountains of windows, these present a slight challenge when trying to put up lots of shelving.
Mt Victoria shop

It has lots of hand basins, I've toyed with having a brothel component, will maybe opt for coffee instead.


Alan said...

Looks like that spot where Trisha's Pies were, many moons ago; just up from The Immigrant's Son?

Nikki said...

Oooooooooo I'm living around the corner from there at the moment. Cooooool.

Go you!

Now. Open a shop in Auckland and let me run it. There's a good girl.

Jessie said...

Good location! I used to live just up the road on Brougham St, next to the dairy, and in my day there was a beautician in those premises.

Ange said...

I wondered what was happening with that site, now that Simply Skin's cleared out. It's on our route to preschool every morning ...
Good shizz, indeed!!

se said...

I am glad Glen is fine!

I am looking forward to see your new shop!!

duff said...

brothel or coffee? i'm not quite sure which would be more profitable, actually........

congrats on the new shop! :)

frogstar said...

combine the two. a shag for a coffee.

but on a more realistic note.. your new shop sounds awesome! yay! i think handbasins are good potplant stands... and really easy to water. that's what i'd do.