Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday morning soccer was cancelled, because it started raining, and then the rain stopped. It was like a gift, a damn fine gift of not having to herd the cats that are my children to a misty field. I enjoy soccer, chatting to other parents, but the particular brand that Finn plays (Little Dribblers) goes ALL YEAR NO HOLIDAYS EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.

In the afternoon we walked down to the shop to meet Glen, it was a spooky, still, warm day and felt like we were in the tropics. We decided to take the 3 children to the pub and have a Guinness. CLASS ACT. Not only that, I actually fed the baby, in said pub, drinking said beer (very good for our iron levels dontcha know). I'm reminded of that movie, where Reese Witherspoon acts completely unlikeable, and the gorgeous bloke still gets her, and she squawks at Melanie Lynsky "you have a baby, a baby in a bar". I sent out an urgent missive to our pals from Espresso Rescue to join us, and we all had a lovely time plotting world domination.

We mooched home for a dinner of toast and pesto and apple schnapps (not the children, silly). I have this thing, whereby of a Saturday night, at 6pm, I feel the need to watch Ready to Roll, and then at 7pm I feel the need to watch the Muppets. Talk about bloody hardwiring of my brain, how long ago did RTR finish? So I usually hit up YouTube and give the kids a show. Last night I found this piece of brilliance.

Then Top Gun, cups of tea and ginger kisses. All up, a great day, which was followed by today, an even betterer one. I nipped out this morning, sans enfants, and bought a couple of pretty frocks for wearing at Gift Fair in Auckers in a couple of weeks, tidied, and now the baby is asleep without having cried when put down and the boys are out shooting at each other at Laser Strike (giving up good parenting/no guns was remarkably easy).


Robyn said...

I have this thing, whereby of a Saturday night, at 6pm, I feel the need to watch Ready to Roll

Same. In particular, if it's a Saturday and I see a digital clock reading 5:59, I get a little rush of excitement.

And then there's the inevitable disappointment, but thankfully not as disappointing as finding out that "Sailing Away" is number one again.

Anonymous said...

At least 'Grand Designs' provides some consolation.