Thursday, May 21, 2009

It has been 10 days since my last confession

  • We bought a very Design*Sponge project chair on Trademe. I'm saying it here to force us to actually tart the thing up, otherwise you could call it a total Nana chair, and in our tiny house exploding with furniture, this is not such a smart move.
  • The red-headed child is a terrible, terrible sleeper. I don't feel wretched with it, like my experience with previous babies I have known, but I have had to let go of being brainy at all. I am now the Queen of Vague.
  • Today I have committed our Babylicious and Dishy businesses to a selling trip to the big gift fair in Auckland in August/September. I'm doubting my sanity, we did it last year and it was hard work, but you know, snooze you lose.
  • I'm going to put a pig themed window display in the shop tomorrow. Snappy ideas for words welcome. Upon thinking about it we realised we have a lot of pig paraphenalia, so Viva la Pork! Free le bacon! Crate Miss Piggy!
  • Have an irrational desire to read Twilight books. Send help.


Make Tea Not War said...

I'm trying not to read the Twilight books because I'm scared I'd like them even though I'm not like 12.

miss_seph said...

I caved in and read them.

And thus began my addiction.


Anonymous said...

Can I say (as I have all the Twilight books, and thought they were quite good) that even my husband ended up reading all them and had revised his views (from scoff scoff to saying they were pretty good and well written). And this is from 'he who doesn't read books written by women' as a general rule of thumb.

clare said...

Just read them and then move on.