Friday, May 01, 2009

The world ticks along, since I lost wrote we're in the midst of an almost pandemic, of a flu with an even more amusing name than the bird flu. I've got a cold. I'm trying to be very brave and not put two and two together, but you know I WAS AT AN AIRPORT LAST WEEK.

Okay, I'm not in the slightest bit concerned. I felt a lot worse when I had a hangover a few days ago, after I drank no less than 6 bottles of Fiasco wines with charming and badly-leading-me-astray friends. And I haven't got any fever, but I would be open to lashings of home baking, delivered to our doorstep right this very minute.

I did have some sort of paranoid delusional hallucination type things last night, related to too much watching Dollhouse, and fear of the effect Twitter is having on my own ability to write. I think Twitter is much scarier than Google, and they'll own everything and everyone soon, you heard it here first.

On the general news front, the boys are tall and handsome, the baby is petite and rolling and gurgling and gorgeous, and she is a redhead! We're quite surprised, but go a couple of generations back, and there are a few. I'm jealous, she'll never have to put Effecton Mahogany Copper in her hair.

The shop is bloody fun. We've had some clothes in, and they continue to sell well, so I feel like that particular experiment is a great success, and other good stuff too, like handbags and la la la. Come in and see.

There goes my attention span, fully expired.



stuartm said...

cool - a redhead!

Megan Rose said...

Lucky you getting a redhead! All the best kids are.

And yay for the shop going well and being so much fun.

fiascowines said...

Yes 'wine flu' is far more dangerous than 'swine flu', but of course best cured by building up an immunity via increased consumption ;-)

Kelly said...

My wee one is tending red too - maybe there really was something in the (widely distributed) water last year!

Our babes won't need any henna - shucks, there goes my excuse to do my hair again for the first time since college. :)

I'm so glad you're doing well, and isn't drinking wine again FAB? I had three glasses last night and oozed around in a relaxed way for the rest of the evening. Boy, I missed that!