Monday, May 11, 2009

Very Serious and Important Reviews of Important Things

Banoffie Pie Toffee Pops:
In a moment of online shopping weakness you may find yourself adding Banoffie Pie flavoured Toffee Pops to your order. Might I suggest you pause, and decide for yourself whether or not you really think banana flavoured bickies are going to be yummy or a bit creepy. I'll leave it there.
Worth watching twice, if only to see it knowing why Edward looked so, erm, constipated all the time (the answer is angst). I enjoyed it, I think maybe it is the modern equivalent of Dirty Dancing, without being as totally awesome, and with an appropriately aged teen heart throb, as opposed to Patrick Swayze. Since seeing it I have spent too much time thinking about whether Bella and Edward should hook up, and I totally think that Edward should have gone for someone older, maybe about 36ish, because someone that age is a lot less flighty, and may already have a family and have all that stuff out of her system. Just saying.


Joanna said...

In contrast, I am really rather fond of the creme brulee cadbury chocolate. And also of creme brulee bodywash, of course.

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't get over the fact that you could visibly see Edward's makeup. And also I kept thinking about an article I read that said that Robert (Pattinson?) had stinky under arms.

Oy Vey said...

That is so strange because I was just thinking about doing a review post because I couldn't think of anything to write about. Then I posted a pic of my erotic cake instead.