Monday, April 07, 2008

Another mojo down the tubes

I lost my blogging mojo, and then today I lost my working mojo. I'm blaming the end of daylight savings, and um, cholesterol and George Bush and leaking downpipes. All the bad things in the world have conspired to drain me of motivation. Alternatively I could just be having a break from working all the time, and setting myself up for working tonight.

Man, I go on a lot.

Bullet lists doth maketh the post.

  • Today I forgot 3 things. It makes me feel hopeless.
  • On a plus side I remembered the other 46000 things I had to.
  • I think my outstanding debt I'm owed may be paid tomorrow. If I get the money, I'm buying champagne.
  • The universe is freaking me out. Perhaps if I ask it to send afghans, Glen will oblige. Not afghans the people, although I'm sure they're lovely, but I doubt they taste like chocolate.


peterquixote said...

what do mojo mean woman, i check at you photograph and i thought you already have, you donts do 4600 things you just do one well, then drink, make a nuisance of youself and thing mn like that

Robyn said...

I was checking my referer logs and found someone had got to website by searching for "petone bag shop". Sadly I the page they got to wouldn't have lead them to Wanda Harland, but I'm hoping the got there eventually.

Anonymous said...

afghans - shaggy sheepskin coats and dogs. I don't *think* either of these taste like chocolate, but I haven't tried.