Friday, April 11, 2008

Things to do before I die

Maggie Mason has made a list of things to do before she dies, and I think I'll do the same. Mine won't be very comprehensive because, well, I'll start at number one and you'll see:
1. Blog a decent post that takes some time and effort, rather than what I can knock out in 4 minutes.
2. Paint a picture I like enough to hang on the wall.
3. Eat myself almost dead in Texas. For some reason I'm fascinated by Texas food. It stems from Oy Vey making us those dreamy Buffalo Wings (god, they were sooooo good), and I can't help but suspect that Texas is full of that kind of food.
4. Find a dinnerset I like.

Man, that was hard. I might resume my list in the future. Or I might not. Why don't you come up with some things for me?


Joanna said...

Get gloriously, gloriously drunk with me again.

David Slack said...

Have a truffle omelette.

Begin a lost afternoon with a brunch of oyster Bloody Marys.

Spend a weekend in Coronary Care when all you have is reflux. (That one warrants a blog, now that I see it in print.)

Run a marathon. But not directly after the omelette or the Bloody Marys.

Miss a deadline.

peterquixote said...

get love