Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy busy

Mon cheres! Je suis going to parlez le franglais until je get fatigueed de est (ie now). Each year my school cert french deserts me un petit more.

Things have been kind of crazy around here. 20th of the month stuff (ie my numerous crazy businesses invoicing and paying invoices), looking at a house stuff (well, Glen went and looked at one yesterday, and thought it was ace, and I went today, and thought it was ace, but lacking in location), and the looking at the house stuff made me fret about the money stuff, and so 20th stuff coincided with fretting about money stuff, and I got a bit stressed. Another ambitious business plan has been happily ditched. The relief! It occurs to me that possibly one website, one shop and two wholesale businesses might be enough for the time-being.

All good now though. School holidays have started, and we had a grand day with friends.

We spent a lovely evening with Monsieur Mike et famille on Saturday scoffing food and alcohol.

And now I have a lovely episode of Top Chef to watch.

Adieu to you.

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peterquixote said...

it like i said to yous woman, the people like you,