Sunday, April 06, 2008

Blahdy blah

I've lost my blogging mojo, and I want it back. I've tried boozing, I've tried, um, well, did I say I've tried boozing? And that didn't do the trick, so I'm going to try blogging, every day, for a week. Exciting! No theme or nothing, probably not much in the way of links, since I can't ever be arsed, and I'm not generally writing anything except nutty brain juice. Ahh, the brain.

So, this weekend has been nice. We went to a 40th last night at the dream house on a cliff. Most gorgeous house in the world, great food, all the fellas were handsome, and all the ladies beautiful. They had table soccer, which I played, and found I wasn't too shabby at.

The shop was good and busy today, which lets face it, is exactly what we're after. Things have settled into a slightly mellow pace, this of course means I've started more mad scheming. More on that later (she says mysteriously).

In other boring news, we got Sky movies, and I'm very disappointed that despite the fact I haven't seen any movies for 6+ years, everything on it is shit. The clever woman at Telstra gave us free pay movies for 6 months, because I'm shallow, I'll probably persist.

In other very-slightly-less-boring-news, I have some Curb Your Enthusiasm to watch, and some Top Chef, and they are brilliant.


Julie said...

CYE is fantastic, my partner and I found it on the Emirates inflight entertainment thingy, when we were doing our OE. Trying to get it here (for hire) is a little tricky sometimes - we have accidentally hired the first disc of season 1 several times, but struggle to get the rest of that season, for some strange reason.

peterquixote said...

thought so you wanda man woman i come over