Wednesday, April 09, 2008


One cool evening
One warm fire
One measure of 15 year old, single malt whisky (forgotten at the back of several bottles of gin and vodka, until tonight. In fact, I suspect it is now 18 year old whisky)
One extension on pressing deadline from Friday until Monday
One copy of today's paper
One candle
Two sleeping children
One devoted hound
One husband out of the house so that all the couch is mine
One good day at the shop

Happy happy joy joy


Megan said...

That sounds like bliss

Mike Riversdale said...

Aaah, the happy sound of a deadline extension :-)

miss_seph said...

the fire's on already? it's only April! you're getting soft Martha :)

Martha Craig said...

Megan, yes!

Mike, yes!

Caro, Wellington!

Anonymous said...

girl yous life so good
what with them aged whisky and good things what you have, yous life is good, and yous deserve it peterquixote

miss_seph said...

Aah yes, the windy city.

Although last night was very crisp in the 09. though crisp = 12 degrees still :)