Thursday, June 26, 2008

Perfect day(s)

Sunshine is SO GREAT, I may have to move to California, or Sydney or somewhere. It was a beautiful day, and I met a friend at the tres awesome Aunt Daisy's Tearoom in Titahi Bay. It were grand.

Have you heard of Marryoke? Jessie has enlightened me, dangerous.

I quite often watch a few YouTube vids with the kiddies before they go to bed, and tonight I thought I'd show them the duelling banjo scene from Deliverance:

Malo really got into dancing, exactly like the hick at the pump, oy.

Oh, and to finish this totally unthemed post, our shop is looking fantastic. Glen has been working like mad, while I've been mooching around like a lady of leisure (I love not working!), and we should be all ready to re-open late morning tomorrow. Still need to do a bit, but I'm thrilled. I'll pop some pictures up tomorrow.


Oy Vey said...

I love the fact that you show your sweet impressionable child scenes from Deliverance. Man up, kiddo!

llew said...

I'd forgotten how much that banjo kid looks like Nicky Hagar.