Monday, June 09, 2008

Thing I hate most in the world (apart from properly badass things like poverty and crime and Amazon rainforest destruction and pestilence)

I hate radio people who work when they have colds (Jim Mora, I'm looking at you). Sure, I'm cranky and pregnant, but ewwwwww, I hate having to listen to glugged up cold voices.

I also would rather hear someone cough on the radio than listen to them try to talk when they have a frog in their throat.

Apart from that, I love everything.


Amy said...

That's weird 'cause I love cold-voices. Especially mine. My usual high-pitched squeak turn into husky-sexy-smoker voice.

Jim Mora hoiking and sniffling would be bad though.

Robyn said...

Quick, send Jim a hot lemon and honey drink!

stephen said...

I'm afraid I would rather listen to someone cough on the radio than listen to Jim Mora AT ALL, smarmy know-nothing that he is.

Martha Craig said...

Amy, I hear you girl, but all that sultry loveliness is lost on radio. All I can hear is phlegm.

Robyn, I sent a drink via ESP. I'm sure he enjoyed it.

Stephen, and he says appreseeate. But apart from that and snot, I think he seems nice.