Monday, June 30, 2008

Shoppity shop

The shop re-opened on Friday under a poof of plaster dust. Actually, the plaster dust was well contained behind a curtain of dust sheets, and I was amazed how little clean-up was required. The place looks great, and seems much bigger
We still have to re-install a changing room, and the playpen doesn't quite exist yet, but it feels MARVELLOUS. And we've learned lots in our 8 months or so on the job, like hanging stuff at eye-level (no flies on us sir, no siree bob, we have a smidgeon of commonsense after all).
Bag city
The shop was chocka in the weekend. Perhaps we should close for a few days every week, and you know, build excitement (as well as mooch around cafes...)


Robyn said...

You could be like one of those shops that's perpetually having a "going out of business" sale, except it would be a perpetual renovation.

Actually, this reminds me of a cafe near where I used to live that closed for a week and had a sign on the door saying "WE'RE HAVING AN EXTREME MAKEOVER!!!!" What awaited customers a week later? They'd painted their walls white.

Oh oh oh! A few weeks ago I was in Petone one night, walking back to the train station. A man and a woman were walking to their car parked outside WH and they both stopped to admire those big apple lamps and commented on now neat they were. Yay!

Martha Craig said...

Glen rather grandly made signs that called it a "refurbishment", which implies more than the one shelf we added (formerly from Chez Malo).

When we first opened, we would drive past all the time to see people peering through the window.

You should move to the Hutt, it is where it's at, bro.

Pixie said...

hey how much is that thingy, and how big is that in real life, and ohh I want one of those....good grief I must come visit. Better save some $$ first though. looks great, very inviting. (the word verification wants me to type unripo. it all looks very ripo to me!)

Megan said...

There are so many things in those photos I want. Particularly the bird mirror.

Oy Vey said...

The shop looks great! I'm loving your Great Wall of Purses. Especially that metallic-y bird laptop bag thingy. Sweet.

Lisa said...

zomg is that a nz shaped mirror??