Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good things Thursday (slightly varying the bullet point format with headings)

I made some cupcakes, and some insane buttery "frosting", which involved egg whites and sugar syrup and all sorts of trickiness. They're delicious.
New toaster
Our old toaster was actually ace, but I wanted one for the shop, so got a massive one for home and now I'll be able to scoff peanut butter on toast all day long in the shop too. And at home I'll be able to feed 58 people in a single push of the toaster lever.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
I really like being my own boss, and playing whatever crap music I want in the shop. Today it is Brad and Janet.
Make me happy because they're finally here.

*update, Rocky Horror is cool and all, but slightly uncomfortable when there is just one customer in the store and we're listening to Touch a touch me.


tinks said...

Oooooh - 4-slice Dualit?

Mike Riversdale said...

Ha ha ha ha ha - Touch-a-t... that's funny as

Cathi said...

There's a light....over at the Frankenstein place

There's a li-i-i-i-i-i-i-ight, burning in the fireplace

There's a li-i-ight, a li-i-ight in the darkness of everybody's life

(a motto for all seasons)

miss_seph said...

i made cupcakes the other day too - bought the wilton whipped icing mix to use - let me tell you, it is gross. From here on in it's buttercream / ganache all the way.