Monday, May 12, 2008

'kinoath! A week!

I love me some swear words. I think I've spent my adult life rebelling against my youthful self, who never swore. No idea why I didn't then, but now I love it. I'm careful not to swear around the kiddies though. I just think it is a bit of a bad look, the kiddies with the gutter mouths. Somewhere Malo has picked up "phut", despite my best efforts. I'm hoping that "phut" just sounds like the noise of an angry engine, and not the genuine source of the word.

What else. Things have been a bit quiet around these parts. No massive raves, no dining with the Queen. The shop has been really busy, which is so awesome. My business plan for 200% didn't really work, but the 50% one seems to be. Maybe the 200% plan will kick in this week. I urge anyone thinking of spending humungous amounts of moolah to do so out my way, therefore making my trip to Oprah that much more likely. In fact, if you'd like to spend 200k instore, I'll take you to Chicago myself.

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Vicus Scurra said...

You are so lucky not to dine with the Queen. The noise she makes when eating soup. Honestly. She developed the habit to annoy foreign visitors. I keep having to tell her to shut the phut up.