Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More bullets (for I am full of imagination)

  • Can't stop thinking about cupcakes, went to make some today, missing paper cups. Tomorrow I will prevail.
  • Loving the new Sam Scott and Bunnies on Ponies album. You will too.
  • We finally have some teatowels in stock with which to make some Dishy hats. It has been a long time coming, but now we can actually take the show on the road (so to speak).
  • I slept on the couch last night, due to Glen having that hideous gastro thing, and me not wanting to get it. I am still disturbed about the dream I had about Mr Dooce. Big hands. The couch lends itself to waking up all night long, and disturbing dreams. Tonight I'm prepared to risk the gastro thing.
  • I know it isn't the most rock and roll thing to talk about, but holy shizz, this weather has been amazing. I love autumn, and the lack of wind.
  • I want to plant a garden in the front yard. Have I said that already? Yeah, well it hasn't happened yet (osmosis doesn't seem to be doing the trick). Apparently it is a sign of having time on your hands, the pursuit of the idle rich. Dunno where I read that, sounds like a crock to me.
  • Speaking of idle rich, I just bought heaps of stuff on Strawberrynet from the comfort of aforementioned couch. Reviews will follow (although I can already safely say that Origins Modern Friction is the work of the gods, and cheap as chips on Strawberrynet).
  • Watching Gossip Girl
  • xoxo


megan said...

Origins is on Strawberrynet? Since when.

Must.not.go.look. Credit card exploding....

stephen said...

holy shizz, this weather has been amazing. I love autumn, and the lack of wind.

Gee, thanks buddy. Nice work.