Wednesday, May 28, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things

I have been a bit torn about my personal blog sharing the same name as my shop. I'm not a particularly private person, but I've become strangely shy about revealing how shallow I am to the general public (and by general public, I mean person who may spend money in my shop). I'm just not very appropriate, and I really admire people that can blog about their work and sound professional. I tried blogging at Babylicious, and it was a disaster.

So I decided to give up that game. I'm just going to spin my general shit, and when I like stuff that is in the shop, I'm going to write about it. It will be a departure from other shop blogs, who do it much better, but you know, stuff it. I'm me.

Plus I managed to make my computer recognise my phone, so I took some pictures today. It is raining and quiet in here, and I need to entertain myself.

Eames stamps

This a set of Eames chair stamps. I can't think of many uses, but I freaking love them, and you could just become mysterious and sign off all your letters with a chair.

Watering cans

What is not to love about a watering can shaped like a poodle or a cow? We have pink elephants too, if that is your thang.

Hand Jobbie

This appeals on so many levels. The first is very obvious (did you know the shop next door is called Handles, Knockers and Knobs? And may be the very reason I chose this particular location, so I could say "we're next to Handles, Knockers and Knobs"?). Also, the book is awesome, all about hand made tyep faces, or fonts or whatever. It is fresh off the plane from Switzerland, so very continental.


My friend makes these cards (the pic does them no favours), and they are the most beautiful cards that exist. Anywhere.


SEAM cushions just keep on getting more and more beautiful. They're snuggly, and in my dream mansion, I'd have a conversation pit with 400 of them in it.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Don't go changing Martha. Your "unique style" is endearing - it's half the reason I wanna spend a trillion dollars in your store. The other half of the reason is you have really neat crap.

Emma said...

Handles, Knockers and Knobs! Hand Job! Ahahaha!! This is a huge part of the reason why I enjoy your blog. It's perfect as is.

Megan said...

Is it wrong that i MUST have one of those watering cans, and I don't actually garden?