Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An apple a day

My son's kindy has been selling organic apples as a fundraiser. They're quite delicious. For some reason (ie total slackness) I didn't bother asking around to see if anyone would like some, I just bought myself a few bags. Well, 3 bags, 5kg each.

This morning I thought I'd better bake some stuff to use them up. Any idea how many apples most recipes use? Most recipes use ONE apple.

One batch of slice, one tray of muffins and one cake later, I have only 14.8kg left.


Joanna said...

Apple crumble! That'll be at least six apples.

How about setting up a still and making Apple Brandy?

llew said...

I have extensively researched* apple storing methods.

You keep them on shelves in a dark place, not touching each other (they mate) and they'll last for months.

*asked my brother-in-law who grew up on an orchard

Stephen said...

Seconding crumble. Stewed apple is a nice preserve. Break out the pectin and the cheesecloth and make apple jelly. Make cider. Stuffed baked apples for dessert with cream.

rhiannon said...

thirding the crumble. also the apple/boysenberry apple/rhubarb apple feijoa combintations in crumble. Oh and apple pies! Cinnamon apple cake? Apple struedel? Caramalised apples (or is that pears?) with french vanilla ice cream. umm. i'm spent.

Cathi said...

fourthing the crumble

You can stew whatever apples you have left after these endeavours then freeze that. Then use it in all your recipes sometime in the next year. You don't have to use them all now :)

The house I grew up in was built in an orchard. I too know about apples

j said...

forcing the neighbours to take some off your hands :-)