Friday, April 13, 2007

The world gone mad

Much as I love the idea of monoliths created in my honour, I have to draw the line at a volcano made of poo. It would make us a laughing stock. It would almost appeal as a sightseeing trip, until the tourists would say "but hang on, we're going to a poo island to see a poo volcano? Maybe we should just go and gamble at the Sky Tower instead".

You know the apocalypse? And all those signs we saw on the Seventh Sign? With Demi? And the dead fishes? Well, the poo volcano can safely oust the dead fishes.

Man, totally apocalyptic.

1 comment:

llew said...

Hah! Beat me to it - what if that volcano is not as extinct as they say... what happenes then?

They could make it into an impressive rose garden though.