Friday, April 20, 2007


Years ago, when I was going to start a death metal band (as if), a friend suggested it be called Aftermarth. I like it. It is one of those jokes I often have with myself, because I think only Tommo knew it.

So the Aftermarth of my latest gig? Well, it was Hi 5, today at the Opera House. It was FREAKING AWESOME. They did a full set, with intermission. The costuming was splendid - it takes a brave soul to wear hot pink ankle socks with strappy heels, but Sun (Kathleen's stand in) pulled it off.

They did some songs, involving a lot of flattery (I love you, you love me, you're beautiful and clever and wear short leggings well - that sort of thing).

Of course, nobody cares about any of that, because you're all wondering which one I'd do after seeing them live.

SHOCK! Tim wins! He was kind of quirky, people. Quirky and frankly paunchy, but also cute. Nathan worked the room well, clearly his musical theatricality works better on the stage than small screen. Charlie was very, very small. I have never seen a woman with such a tiny torso. Miniscule. Kellie was spunky.

They all managed to smile for 90 minutes and actually make you believe they weren't faking it.

Top gig.


MG said...

Martha - just mention the word 'Charlie' when we're bowling next week and I'll spray it up the gutter. But Tim seriously - I thought you liked Kathleen..

Martha said...

Kathleen is foxy, but not exactly my cuppa, plus she was away.

Tim was surprisingly foxy and charismatic.

harvestbird said...

Is Kathleen okay? I would hate to think she had sustained some kind of entertainment-related accident.

Perhaps when Charlie is embraced by her loved ones, they say, "hold me closer, tiny dancer"? I know I would.

Hadyn said...

I can't help but think "hold me closer, Tony Danza" when I hear that song now.

aka Special K said...

Back when I was at the Waikato Times I had the honour of 'reviewing' Hi 5 with my little friend Chloe. I had a dreadful hangover from a party in Auckland the night before and had driven back down to Hamilton in time to meet Chloe and her mum at the theatre. There were hordes of children, and I think I fell asleep at some stage during the performance, and then Chloe had a little melt down at the end when I wouldn't buy her a Hi 5 ballooon. I was unskilled in the ways of mitigating children explosions back then, and in my state it was the last thing I needed. I think I dragged her out of the lobby by her wrist. I'm sure she'll blog about what an evil witch I am one day.
Read about it all here ... Also possibly the worst picture of me ever taken.

MG said...

The Bowling was a blast, great to meet Haydn, hear your are sick, no good. Sorry to bruise Bowllingtonista's collective pride.

Martha said...

I was sorry to miss it. Too much work and too little sleep make Martha an exhausted unwell girly. I'll be in with bells on next time.

Sarah Lee said...

I was gutted to miss it. My daughter is approaching 4 and up until she was 2 she loved to watch 'Hi 5' over breakfast, alas no more.

I developed quite a disturbing addiction to the dance moves and memories of dancing to 'Top of the Pops' for half an hour every Thursday evening came flooding back.

Sadly my daughter has a phobia of crowds, but perhaps I'll go on my own next time (or 'nanny' a more outgoing child for the day!).