Saturday, April 28, 2007

That's my boy

I turned on the computer this morning, and flicked on Firefox, homepage Stuff.

And what should I see?
Finn plays Wii

Photo by Ross Giblin/Dominion Post

My boy! With tongue!

They didn't quote me when I said there is enough variety in the activities to prevent any kind of repetitive stress injury, certainly in the case of 4 years olds.

I am a mighty supporter of the Wii, and would never takes its name in vain.



Alan said...

I hope you've got the actual paper version - it seems a bit different. If you don't I could scan it (only b/w though) for you on Monday.

Mr Reasonable said...

Wii wiill be buyiing one for Chriistas thiis year!

Martha said...

Alan, thanks for the offer, but we're now in possession of a few papers. The picture in the paper seemed better.

Mr Reasonable, surely there is a biirthday or somethiing before chiistmas? It seems like a hell of a long time to wait.

Mr Reasonable said...

Yeh, you are right it is a long time to wait to Wii. It is our 12th wedding anniversay tomorrow but I'm not sure I can get away with it...may be a poll is called for! If I Wii, will I diie?

cesca said...

I opened the Christchurch Press this morning... AND THERE HE WAS!

No tongue though. We're a bit prudish down here.

Martha said...

Cripes, I didn't know it would be down there. I've emailed the rellies!

The tongue seemed to be reserved for the internet. The internet is dodgy.

Kate said...

Great action tongue shot!

Hadyn said...

You said that he won by four home runs, but he's playing tennis?

I was one nod of the head away from buying a Wii this Wiikend. But I'm gonna wait (at least three pay days).

Also like the casual way he happens to be wearing a custom made "hutt" shirt.

melissa said...

hehe- a wii-playing, music-composing boy genius. great picture!

spentrails said...

Maybe I'm behind the times, but I'm beginning to think that a Wii is a good idea. I even know someone called Liisa.

Now that you have a puppy, have you got one going spare?