Sunday, April 15, 2007


I'm back from a flying visit to Gisborne. I went up to see a friend and her new baby, and they're great.

While away I ate and drank:

1 x Monteiths Pisner
1x bag of snowballs (shared)
1x bag of jellybeans
3x gin and tonic
1x chips and aioli
1x chicken and salad
1x movenpick chocolate icecream with fudge sauce
2x Pam's mini eclairs
2x cup of tea
2x cup of coffee
1x piece of vogels with jam

I should start a health website, I'm a total inspiration.

On the plane back there was an MP. One guy said "didn't realise you were going to be on this flight", she replied "they bumped me up from the 1.30pm, still had to sit down the back with you fellas though".

"Well, you are in the Opposition".

I don't know what that makes me, I was virtually sitting in the toilet at the back.

1 comment:

spentrails said...

Ah! That makes me feel so much better about my own obsession with crisps (ok chips to some). Pringles or Doritos, ideally.
Here's to you. Clink of the wineglass.