Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Quiet days chez Martha

Not much to report, although I feel like reporting, or it would be almost a week between posts, and that just ain't my style.

I'm watching Cribs, eating Anzac bickies, lying on the couch. Honestly, that is all I have to say.

I have been doing lots of work today, when really I would've liked to be lying on the couch, eating Anzac biscuits and watching Cribs.

I kind of wish I was an NFL star. While the Anzac biscuits are lush, the big white Bentley would be strange and wonderful.

I'd better stop watching Cribs before I start wanting my own lake.

Damn, too late.


Sue said...

as long as it's a kidney shaped lake i think it's ok to covet it

Hadyn said...

NFL Star eh? I can definitely see you on the Offensive Line (hoho) Maybe as a Tight End (haha). I love football jokes.

miss_seph said...

That dude with his own lake was a bit silly though, cos the lake was sooo small. He had 75 acres of property there too - I would have devoted at least 5 acres to lakedom so you could do cool things like water skiing and what not