Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back to normal

The relief with having the GST done, and all my orders posted, and all other dramas settled is immense. I feel great.

Apart from the headache. What is with nature when everything is peachy and you get a headache?

I've medicated with panadol and coffee. It was obvious my brain needed something more, and lo! A courier at the door with a package from America. The fabulous Rebecca has sent me a box of magic. I don't know how many of my readers reside in America, if you do I urge you to get into your wood panelled station wagon and drive to Philadelphia and buy yourself some of Rebecca's marshmellows.

She also sent other divine treats that make it obvious why America is full of humungous people. Good kai folks. Combos! A delicious pretzel filled with orange pizza flavoured stuff, York Mints, balls of magic...

I'd say more, but I need to go to the secret hiding place and try all the other things in the box.

La headache c'est fini.


Mrs Smith said...

Americans have the best snack food. The pretzel-pizza combo sounds great. When there last, I saw tortilla chips in scoop shapes. This means one doesn't have to just dip one's chip, but can actually convey a huge load of guacamole in one go. Bloody brilliant.

Martha said...

Brilliant! Twice as much dip with half the effort. I admire their efficiency.

Laura said...

oh my god how did you know that I drive a station wagon? But Philly is a hellishly long drive from here- as in 4 days in the car with screaming children. I'll just consider it my weight loss plan that I didn't drive there, ok?

Martha said...

Laura, I know very well from Family Ties and Growing Pains that all Americans drive wood panelled station wagons.