Wednesday, February 07, 2007

An old fart proves his worth

I knew marrying a scientist would one day pay off.

He is an acclaimed fart expert now! Awesome


David said...

It's true... practice DOES make perfect!

Mrs Smith said...

oooh, I don't like that Bloglog thingy on your sidebar... there is no popping in for a quick look, without one's presence being visibly recorded. One feels so obliged to leave a comment, even if one has nothing interesting to add. Which I seldom do.

Martha said...

I'm not that fussed on it either, only a few people seem to appear so it isn't obvious.

What you need darling Mrs Smith is bloglines, then you never need to visit the ACTUAL site.

David, sad but true.

Oy Vey said...


Juha said...

Mrs Smith: you can hide yourself from MyBlogLog if sudden shyness sets in. Just hover the mouse cursor over the picture and look for the tiny red square with a white cross in it that appears, and click.