Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bullet point list of things we did in Christchurch

We did so much more than see hot rods that I feel I need to share.

  • Saw inside a future house at the Botanic Gardens. It would make a fantastic bar, not so sure about living in one, since they're about 1m2.
  • Went to the Classical Sparks at Hagley Park. We didn't stay long (for kiddy reasons), but did see the NZ Army Band who ROCKED IT BABY.
  • Went to the Christchurch Art Gallery, and saw some very great and genius stuff. In particular the German project, whereby an artist is going around Germany collecting childhood memories, so if you wish to become German you can get some off her...
  • We drove along the Summit Road, which is akin to bungy jumping in terms of adrenalin and worrying that you will kill your whole family.
  • We drove out to Selwyn Huts, a spooky bach sort of area, with a distinct 'piss of strangers' feel to it.
More when I think of it, and photos of shopping in my next list.


Glen said...

'piss of strangers feel to it'

I hate the piss of strangers

Martha said...

Oh Glen, you're a fine one to hassle ME for spelling mistakes.

Anonymous said...

piss of strangers,i do not think so, a concerned selwyn hutter.

Martha Craig said...

ooops, that should say "off" - there was a distinctly guarded feel about the baches, but we did think they were amazing.