Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Next week I am doing a nervewracking 2 minute speech (obviously I can't be certain it will be nervewracking, however I think it is safe to assume that it won't be as relaxing as, say, a warm shower) - I love digressing, can you tell? - at Webstock. The topic is 'how the internet changed my life', and I was kind of vague about what I would talk about...

UNTIL NOW. Bless you IRD, and your award winning website (vague recollection of fellow student who was IRD employee being proud of award-winning-status-of-ird website).

My GST return was done in mere minutes, after nightmare hours of writing 400 transactions into a spreadsheet (exactly 400, weird magic 400 transactions. Maybe someone will give me 400 million. I did see Sam Morgan at the beach the other day. I'm enjoying brackets today, they give me the freedom to meander with my writing).

And I won't have to drive into town to drop my GST return into the IRD box. Maybe they don't even have one anymore. Last time I did that was in 1998 when I had my last business.

Hence (I love good filler words like 'hence', and I love that I hate people starting sentences with 'and', and yet I do it because I can, my site muahhahahhahaha) the internet has saved me having to go out into the world.

And (see?) for that I am thankful.


Hadyn said...

I resloved to never do my own taxes ever agian after using the award-winning IRD website. Obviously you weren' shouting things at the computer like "I don't know what you want me to put in the stupid little box!"

In the end I just kept hitting submit until the blasted thing was accepted, walked into the lounge and said "Honey, pack the things we're now on the run from the IRD"

Pixie said...

Once upon a time I didn't do a tax return for a few years. then I became a public servant and it seemed prudent to confess. and anyway, you have to pick your battles sometime. and hey, I made a little link to you from my place. and have a nice day.